I’m Greg Vance

Business & Career Coach

I help professionals transform their careers and THRIVE – moving from Burnout & Frustration to Satisfaction & Happiness.

Many choose a career upgrade & transformation.

Some choose to start a business.

Your Purpose awaits you!

Life is Too Short

to Keep Doing Something You Hate


 You were designed for something better – and you deserve more!

Don’t remain “stuck” and feel the constant dread and anxiety for your job.


A recent Gallup poll revealed that only 15% of world’s 1 billion full-time workers are engaged at work. Sadly, that means 85% of people are unhappy in their jobs.

Are you one of them?  I was!

Many stay in unsatisfying jobs because of their responibilities or what they see as lack of job opportunities or the fear of the unknown.

Not having a viable plan to make a change keeps many in a job they do not love.

Living in a job you hate?

I feel your pain, I’ve been there, too.

So is it even possible or practical to make a change? 


For many, the thought seems overwhelming. 

I can help you envision your new life; your new future; your new reality, create an effective plan and guide you through the steps to make it happen! 

I have worked with hundreds of people.

And you may be like many of them.

Have a unique situation?  Great!  I love being challenged by that and creating a custom plan to meet your needs.

How It Works


Complete a Quick Application & Schedule a 1:1 Discovery Call

Dive deep into your needs and goals

Create a Custom Plan

A custom strategy and steps to conquer your goals

Reach Your Goals

Help you execute the strategy - to get you the results you want

Coaching Options

Career Transformation


Do you crave more success and satisfaction in your career?

Do you desire to live and work within your Purpose?

Hate Monday?  Many days you just want to quit?

Do you need a plan to move ahead? And don’t  know where to start?

Business Startup


Are you looking for a radical career shift which includes launching your own business?

Have you wanted to start a business or side business but not sure where to start?

Do you have a business or side-business and want to reach the next level of success?

Do you need guidance to improve your business outcomes?

Growth & Accountability


Are you looking to create bigger results?

Do you feel alone or frustrated “going it alone”?

Are you looking for a like-minded group of people to motivate each other to new levels of results?

Have you heard about Mastermind Groups and want to get involved? 

I'm Not Sure - Let's Talk!


Do you feel so confused that you don’t know what you need?  That is OKAY! – I can help!

Do you have a very unique situation that requires different tactics and answers?  Let’s talk! 

How Can I Help YOU?

If you’re like most people that visit my site, you’re a successful, high achiever. You are concerned and committed with winning at work and succeeding in all areas of life. You strive to improve, grow, and challenge yourself to reach your potential.

Sometimes though you feel like you are achieving less than you desire – in fact you may feel “stuck”. Something keeps getting in the way of your plans and progress. Perhaps there just seems to be too much to do and too little time. Perhaps you have lost your passion for your job. You may feel underemployed. Burned out. Underappreciated. And you don’t know what to do about it.

I help people like you get “unstuck” and THRIVE! 

Are you looking to take your life and your career specifically to a new level – to find and achieve your PURPOSE in life?


“I hired Greg during a transition in my career. I was moving out of a corporate job and into my own business. He helped me navigate and structure my company in order to have the right framework. I absolutely believe that hiring Greg helped me to avoid costly mistakes. Greg is generous with his time and talents as well as an excellent sounding board. I would highly recommend you hire him for career coaching.”

Rebecca J.

“Greg was incredibly helpful to me at a critical point in my career. He is gifted in assessing a client’s needs and offering practical strategies that are easily implemented. He’s a sincere and caring listener who puts you at ease as he helps you meet your goals. In just our first meeting, Greg was able to generate a number of valuable recommendations, some of which led to a successful, career-enhancing meeting just a few days later. My experience working with Greg was enjoyable, efficient and extremely productive. I would recommend Greg to anyone looking for professional and skilled career coaching.”

Paul B.

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