Not Getting Good Job Search Results – Join The Club! 

That is, join a Job Club! Job Clubs are a practical and affordable way of making good progress to find your next career opportunity. While, in my view, they do not replace working directly with a career coach, they can serve two important functions:

– Provide a low-cost alternative to a career coach

– Provide a ready-made network to fire up your networking

What are Job Clubs?

Job Clubs can happen in a virtual or in-person setting – of course in today’s COVID-19 world they are nearly all virtual. Coming together as a group with peers in your community who can understand exactly what you’re experiencing with a job search is one of the biggest benefits. They can understand at even deeper level than your family perhaps can. can be a stressful time. A job search can be frustrating, overwhelming, lonely, and isolating. Together, the group can keep one another focused on achieving each of the member’s goals.

One top benefit in my estimation – especially for those that are in experienced at networking or are very introverted – is that it provides an informal place for networking. The group provides the opportunity to meet new people and job club members can assist one another with introductions to contacts at potential employers. Members can also suggest job openings they think might be a good fit for other members. I have seen members pass along openings – that they did not ultimately get considered for or felt they were not the best fit for them – to other job club members. Swapping networking leads and experiences is an invaluable and growing experience for many members.


Some job clubs are strictly networking groups. Others offer more of a full set of services –  including a broader curriculum of job search topics, critiquing resumes and cover letters,  conducting mock interviews, tackling challenges and encouraging one another’s weekly success.


Job clubs vary in structure. Some are very formal with their agendas and with required meetings. Some are free of charge, while others charge a fee.


Ultimately, members are responsible for helping each other across the finish line and celebrating each other’s successes!


Where Does One Connect With A Job Club?

Job clubs are becoming popular! Many professionals are crediting job clubs with faster job search process.


Some resources to find a job club that is just right for you:

– Check job club finders offered on major websites. One government website is CareerOneStop. It lists job clubs across the US. Please note that job club formation varies by region.

– Use your favorite search engine to search for “job club near me” or by your specific location (e.g. “job club Chicago”)

– Many churches host job clubs as a community service. Those are typically open to anyone that would like to attend.

– State and city workforce development departments often sponsor groups or have a listing of local groups.


Much success in your use of job clubs! I’d love to hear about your experiences using them.


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