I first stumbled upon  Dan Miller many years ago by sheer chance. I was on the commute home from another long exhausting day at work. I was deeply contemplating my job and the concept of work. Was this the way work had to look and feel for me personally and so many others? 

During my drive, I happened to turn on Moody Radio. And here was this guy talking about life and work in a way I’d never heard before! Dan was being interviewed, I believe, by Janet Parshall. 

In the days ahead I researched more about who this man was. I started listening to his podcast. I bought his book. I was hooked! 

He had an upcoming Teleseminar (old school webinar) with his son Kevin. I gladly bought a ticket to learn more. I was super convinced I needed more of what this guy had to offer. 

Dan was just launching his group events and coaching program. I bought a ticket to a live event. I showed up my first event with him, not realizing what I was about to encounter what was the birth of a Movement – the 48 Days Eagles. I attended many other events at his place (the Sanctuary as it was so well named). Ultimately, I became one of Dan’s coaching clients. 

Years later, I was ultimately able to leave the corporate world to launch my own coaching business. Life for me and my family has been forever impacted and lifted to a new level. 

My wife and I have carefully chosen a very small set of people that we want model ourselves after. We hold Dan and Joanne Miller in extremely high regard. We often say to one another “We want to be like them as we ‘grow up’”! 

Why do I mention this now? If you didn’t know, just over a month ago, Dan learned he has advanced pancreatic cancer, and the prognosis is grim. 

Dan is a true inspiration and mentor to me and so many others! What is it that is special about Dan? He pursues wisdom, he is authentic, he is humble, and he lives out what he believes. That’s a rare combination. 

Dan brought two of his favorite quotes to life for me: “We have been told that you will be the same person five years from now that you are today, except for the people you meet and the books you read.” And “the best way to predict the future is to create it”. My life has been richly changed by Dan, Joanne, his family, and all the amazing people I’ve encountered – many of which are lifelong friends now. 

Thank you, Dan! It’s not often that we can have a real-life authentic relationship with such an incredible mentor. I’ve had the privilege of having a better life because of you, and I am forever thankful.