If you’re like most people that visit my site, you’re a successful, high achiever. You strive to improve, grow, and challenge yourself to reach your potential – including with a business.

Recent statistics say that three in five (62 percent) of Americans want to realize their dream of owning a business! That is big number!

What is your business dream? See if any of these sentiments resonates with you:

  • You feel like your life and destiny is in someone else’s control. You want something of your own!
  • You would like to have a second source of income to enhance your lifestyle.
  • You have a favorite hobby – that your spouse or friends say you spend way too much time pursuing – and you figure that since you enjoy it So Much, why not make it your work to?!
  • You would like to start a business now, so that when you are ready to retire, you’ll transition into that new life owning a business.
  • You would like to make a plan to transition from your current corporate life – into your own business.
  • Perhaps you have been working and you are ready to do something significant with your life. Something that fills your passion to serve others. Your business could be a nonprofit, social enterprise, or a for profit business.

I help people like you design those dreams and devise a plan to make them a reality.

Are you looking to take your life and your business specifically to a new level – to find and achieve your PURPOSE in life?


Please note: The packages listed below are standard examples and that through our Discovery meeting, we can tailor the process to your specific goals. A truly custom solution.

Standard Packages

I am ready to work on my business!

I coach a small handful of serious and committed clients at a time. This allows me to give laser focus to your situation. REAL Results will take time, consistent focused effort and determination. I expect my clients to believe in their dreams more than I do.

The Application Form is a thoughtful application form, which is to understand more about your coaching needs and situation regarding coaching. This is to help both of us with our alignment for coaching. Once completed we can work to set up a 1-on-1 Discovery Call.

You Will Walk Away From This Call With:

  • Knowing whether programs and courses are right for your particular situation.
  • More clarity. We will discuss your goals and dreams and any roadblocks that may be standing in the way.
  • Tangible guidance on your situation. Including some specific next steps to meet your goals.

Are you ready to finally create the success, impact, and understand your purpose that you desire? If so, I invite you to fill out the application below. I value our time, so the application helps ensure that I can be of service and our time together will be maximized. The call is to benefit both of us – if at the end of the call we both feel like we would be a good fit to work together, we can discussion what that may look like. Regardless of whether or not you become a client, you will walk away from this call with tangible next steps.

All information is kept 100% confidential. Thank you!


I had the great fortune of connecting with Greg as I chose to transition out of a Fortune 500 executive marketing role...During my season of "leaping into the void," Greg provided a steady, uplifting, positive and solution oriented presence. I looked forward to my coaching calls with him and came away with invaluable and concrete action steps and exercises that informed my next chapter. I applied many of the recommendations Greg offered and eventually decided to open my own business. I found so much value in what Greg shared, I plan to work with him on an ongoing basis as a business coach for my new endeavor. Greg is conscientious, and astute listener, emotionally intelligent, and a natural connector...

Heather L.

Greg helped me by carefully listening to my background story - and discussing with me the various angles that I was thinking of pursuing. The challenge was that I have a start-up company that I'm fundraising for at the same time as I'm potentially job hunting to keep the lights on! ...The one thing I particularly liked was his personal attention and willingness to be flexible and guided by my rather complicated web of possibilities and potential objectives...I would recommend Greg in particular, to people who have perhaps a less traditional background and are engaged in contemplating multiple possibilities for next career steps.

Christine M.

I was THRILLED with our time together...I have changed my coaching practice and moved to typing my notes while "in session" with my clients and have been able to take on more clients as a result of leveraging technology! Thank you for being a positive example of that for me...I am have the absolute best time in my career right now. I am in my third month of making more money consulting each month than I earned as the SVP & CAO...I have even turned down several jobs along the way, so I have continued to be selective on the types of projects I say yes to and say no to!...I have gained in my ability to not only pitch my idea but also to execute and deliver on the projects! My client list has grown rapidly, I have new collaborative partners working with me that I didn't even know six month ago. I have received several word of mouth referrals based on the positive reputation and image...

Steve D.