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How will coaching sessions take place?

Coaching is conducted over a conference call and web-based sessions – depending on the topic and needs of the client.

Will coaching sessions be recorded for replay by the client?

Yes! Sessions are recorded by request of many clients. I also supply some notes with each session.

How would I schedule dates and times for coaching sessions?

I use an online scheduling platform, which makes finding a date and time to match your schedule easy. The tool also allows you to add the meeting to your calendar easily – and it provides helpful reminders of our next call.

Do you use Personality Assessments with clients?

Absolutely! I am certified with many different assessments. Clients tend to find the most value with: DISC, Enneagram, Strengths Finder, Color Q.

As a coach, do you have any certifications?

Yes – “Certified 48 Days Coach” 48Days and “Certified NextJob Job Coach” NextJob. Both organizations rely heavily on the ICF (International Coach Federation) curriculum in their programs. I am also a graduate of the “48 Days Coaching Mastery Program”.

How long do coaching programs last?

The goals and type of assistance that each client desires drive the number of coaching sessions that are needed.

I just want to have my resume updated and recrafted. Can you help me?

I am pleased to help each client with resume strategy within their package. Resume-only coaching – as a one-off – is not really the scope of the total services I provide. If that is what you need, I would be happy to refer you to some really great resume specialist colleagues. Just ask and I can make that happen to meet your needs.

Do you work with every client that contacts you for help?

Coaching is a very high-end personal service and as such there must be “chemistry”, trust, and a tight working relationship – in addition to the right subject matter. Therefore, there are time times that one or both of us determines that another coaching relationship may be a better fit for the client’s needs.

Is 1-on-1 coaching expensive? What will might this type of help cost?

Based on personal experience and use, I view coaching as an investment – a life-changing investment – with the potential for high returns. Generally, coaches typically charge anywhere from $50 to $500 per hour, and even higher. My coaching, as a specialized personal service starts around $1000 for a package. Based on typical clients and their goals, the fees are often more. What I strive to be is the coach that delivers the most value.

Do you provide hourly 1-on-1 coaching to drive specific needs?

Typically, I work with clients to achieve specific outcomes. I have worked with clients that need frequent direction and accountability and want some number of sessions to make that happen. I have created custom offerings to meet their needs.

If a business coaching client requires extremely specialized services, can you work with other experts to call upon very specialized expertise?

Absolutely, there have been clients with very niche needs in their business, where I felt they would be best serviced by bringing a specialized consultant into the coaching program. I can make those connections happen to support the client’s best success.

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